Tuesday, July 1, 2008


What is ClixSense?
ClixSense is a unique opportunity for you to earn extra money for FREE! You get paid to view other members advertisements. You get paid for each full ad you view.

Free to join! Register a free account, Log-In, click browse ads. Get paid for each ad you view.

Receive a monthly paycheck for your activity.

ClixSense.com will pay you 10 cents for every free registration you refer. Furthermore we will pay you five levels deep for each referral who upgrades to a “Premium” account.
Want more? When your referral places an ad on clixsense.com we’ll pay you 10% of the revenues earned from that ad. Learn More

Kerja anda hanya mengeklik banner-banner yang disediakan oleh clixsense. Tiap kali klik anda dibayar $0.01. $0.01 emang dikit, tp bayangkan kalo anda mengeklik terus menerus. anda akan dibayar $0.01 utk tiap 30 detik. Kalau anda stand by 3 jam gimana hayo... hitung sendiri penghasilan anda. Anda juga bisa mengajak teman anda untuk join sama anda dan tiap mereka mengeklik anda juga dapet dolar. Bagusnya lagi, anda gak perlu punya rekening bank manapun karena uang bisa ditransfer melalui cek langsung dikirim ke rumah anda. Gak percaya, coba aja... Join GRATIS...

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