Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Make widget recent comments

This easy info is for you who want to make recent comment or new comment. In the fact, many ways to make this widget from using widget creator, feed address, or java script. I personaly like using feed address better than other to avoid loading page that too hard if using java sript. The method is simple, follow this :

1. Login to blogger account and choose which blog that you want to make recent comment there.

2. Choose Layout > Add Page Gadget /page element at sidebar or anywhere as you like.

3. Choose Feed and enter this url address and continue, don't forget change the bold word with your blog address.

4. It will show the pop up, enter the title :your widget label (last comment, recent comments, etc) Show: many comment that will show (max 5 items), you can show or not the page by click the item date.

5. Choose save and see the result.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Simple SEO from Sumintar

Learn SEO is not easy as we think, but it is not as hard as we think so. I ever blogwalking and find all about SEO. I find many SEO ways. From simple to hard. But, all is good ways that can be tried at all.
I will explain about some simple SEO that ever I read. The first SEO I read at sumintar.com (In Indonesian), that is SEO tangan gatal. SEO tangan gatal have very simple method to reach the hundred of visitors.
You just writing, writing, and writing every day. Posting, posting, and posting every day. Sumintar say SEO tangan gatal is not realy SEO, not also a knowledge, but just daily activity for people to :
always read everything,
see everything (porn include, xixixi...),
write everything,
that always did periodicaly, every day, every hour, or every any chance to do it.
You unnecessary to know, your posting have been index by search engine or not, or any one read your posting, or any comment later.
You just write with your heart, don't think you will paid. Do it continue at least one year. Make your hands itch if you don't write anything a day.

Why write any? If not any that will:
fresh out of idea,
too much think, so never begin writing,
too much planing, so never start,
afraid wrong,
afraid said fool,
afraid said not profesional,
afraid and afraid, then doing nothing.

Believe or not, what you write, searh engine will record it, and will compared with other post. So, if your posting realy your posting (not copy paste) and no one write same like you, your post will at rank 1.

The conclusion is more writing, every day we posting, we have doing "SEO tangan gatal".

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Forex or IB

There is some optimistic and opportunity in Forex business, but in other side the economy and financial global crisis impact to dotcom business (www.blablabla.com). How? Forex can grow the instant earning just a few minute beside its high risk. High risk, but high profit. That is forex. It need brilliant and good skills to become Master forex trader. If you have smart thinking, you should try forex.

Forex also impact to dotcom business. Many dotcom business have no longer interesting because forex. Why not, forex can convert your money into a double value. With dotcom business, you must build a foundation, step by step, patiently, and keep update your web to reach a good financial. I personally think, both of them are good. But now, most people wanna rich without do some thing that need hard work or take a long time. Many people like something that instant. Instant money, instant payment, instant payout. This reoson may be make forex trading very interesting now. In AdSense, we also must keep posting and have patiently (may be for 1 year) to get a good earning.

But, forex also have many weakness. Beside its high risk, forex need good skill and feeling to trade. I ever hear most trader must lost 90% his/her invest at 3 first month. So, I suggest you to do a forex trading in demo account. Don't try to use a real money for trade without any skills and any experience. You will win, and win for some period, but you migth lost more than you win. You may use the forex signal, but it doesn't promising. Signal just help you to trade, but cannot predicting the result.

I more suggest you to become Introducer Broker or Agent than forex trader for you that dislike lost money at first business. Whay? Because become IB you will get US$ without risk. For become IB, there are some criteria which you must have :

  • Mastered in English. This matter needed because you will come into contact with broker if in a group you have a problem. The international Hal ini dibutuhkan karena Anda akan berhubungan langsung dengan broker jika dalam group Anda mengalami masalah. Biaya sambungan internasional access bill is yours, but broker which support at free pulse.
  • Understand at using software Meta Trader or a Memahami penggunaan software Meta Trader or similarlt software. More often you doing demo trading is more good.
  • Mastered at technical analysis and fundamental. Its mean you must can read the indicator and understand the news effect to the chance of currency value. More many indicator and fundamental analysis that you understand, is make better.
  • Mastered at understanding risk management, make sure, don't doubting.
  • Honest. We don't need a lier to do forex business. Honest here mean accord wih out skill s above, we must give description to someone who will join in out group, especially about risk management.
If you have skills above, you just find broker who supply a forex trading facility. Watch and learn the trading system from spread, swap, leverage, etc. If you have mastered one system of broker, you will not hard to understand the other broker system, because they are rather same. The next step, learn the requirement which needed to become IB. This part rather hard, because many requirement which asked by broker. Become Agent will easier because us will not be in directly contact with company, but just contact with IB.

How to make PayPal Account

All you need:
1. E-mail address
2. credit card or debit card which have visa electron logo. (Not all credit card accepted, please try)

Here is the method:

1. Prepare the requirement like e-mail, address, telp, and your credit card.

Enter to paypal.com then click Sign Up

3. Choose your country

4. After that, the screen will change automatically. You will asked for choose the type of your account. If you will use PayPal to your individual business, choose personal account.
5. Click Next and fill the form with your real condition. Make sure the name, address, and telp suitable with your credit card. For currency, enter US Dollar, or your own country currency if your country have supported by PayPal.
The telephone number that you enter is not necessary using the country code, just enter the number. example: 081123654789
After that, click Sign Up

6. Enter your credit card data which will you used in PayPal. Make sure that your name, the number of card, card type, and make sure your credit card is not expired. Verify code can you see at behind at the card.

7. After finish, click Add Card

8. You will get the confirm that your account card have created. Please see your e-mail and click the verify lick and activate your PayPal account.

9. Enter again to paypal account use your password. Then enter to my account and click expanded option, see the information there.

10. Now, your account have create, but your status still not verified. You can do transaction, but just limited at $100 USD.
11. To become verified member, PayPal will check the thruth your credit card. How? Press the button Get Number in My Account - Expanded Option to get 4 digit security code from PayPal. This code will send to your monthly credit card bills. Your credit card will charged 1.95 dollar and send back to your paypal account latter.
12. After your bill arrived home, enter the 4 digit codes into your paypal account. Enter to My Account pages, click Activate Account - Complete Expanded Use Enrollment. After that, enter 4 digit security codes, your paypal account have allready used with unlimited transaction and Your will get $1.95 in your Account.

Congratulation, you can use your PayPal Account now...

Monday, October 13, 2008

How to make Alerpay Account

1. Your identity proper with residence identification card or credit card claim.

Here is the method:
1. Enter alertpay.com, then click sign up.

2. Choose your country.
3. Choose your account type which you want. If you newbie and use this just for send and receive money, choose personal starter, then click get started.

4. Fill the form rightly proper with the identity card that will use to verify.

5. Then, click next, then fill your login form rightly include e-mail address which will use to verify.
6. If has done, click register.
7. You will get confirm that your account have been create.
8. Next, open your e-mail, see your inbox. If you right when type your e-mail address, e-mail from alertpay should in there. Open it, then click the link to verify.
9. You will bring in alertpay website, enter your password.
10. Then you will asked for make PIN number. You will asked for your PIN number when do the transaction.
11. If done, click submit. It finished first step to open your alertpay account.

Next step is verify your address :
Send your scan from your ID, for example residence identification card, driving licence, or passport.
Send the proofment of your address, for example your electricity bill, or newspaper bill.
Alertpay will send e-mail if finished. It take time about 1 weeks. Beside that, your account already used.

It finished to make alertpay account, I hope this can help you... :D

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Tips to Find Refferals

For you that don't know what is PTC click this...
For PTC, referral is one of the biggest thing to get many dollar from PTC...
More refferals, the chance to rich from PTC more great...

But, finding refferals is not easy...

Btw, any don't know what is refferal is?
Referral is the the synonim of downline, so if any people who join PTC trough you, so he/she will became your refferal..

Downline at PTC doesn't same with MLM that trough the deepness (downline's downline)... :D
at PTC, downline just count 1 depth, so after our direct refferals, usually we don't get anything from him/her...

Like MLM, You will get profit from your downline.. If at MLM you get money if you get downline, at PTC you get money if your downline clicking ads. Some PTC also give money at first we join (for example ara-bux), or when we get refferals.
Each PTC have diferent rules at paying and give commision. Please see at your

Back to finding refferals, there are some tips to finding refferals...

1. Make Blog... (Like this blog )
I spend many time to make this blog, to count simulation, even I make it while clicking PTC ads. Believe it or not, when I make this post, at same time, I clicking 5 PTC... :D
From survey, If you make blog, you will get 50% or more refferals from this.
Make blog is simple, try to join to www.blogger.com like that I use, then try to writing at that blog...
To find tutorial to make blog, you can find it at google... the keyword is "tutorial to make blog".
All the time that you use to make blog will be pay...

2. Promote at forum
Promote your blog, like at forum.
remember, promotion, not forcefulness .... :D

3. Active
Active is not SPAM. But, give the true information that all you know. Give the true about the PTC that you join.

4. Referral bonus
You also can give bonus to your refferals. For example give 5 cents if some people join and click 20 ads.

5. Promote to your friends and your relative
For this promote, make sure the IP adress that they use to join different, because this will forbidden at all PTC. For some people, this promotion is the best... please try...

6. Put on your link at free ads.
You can put on your link at free ads to make out link, so any people that visits those site have chance to visit your blog.

7. Posting your payment proof at forum
Of course your banner signature

8. Buy refferals from PTC.
This is the last chance if you have get many money, You can buy some refferals from PTC that you join to it. the refferals taken from some people that join without upline. Some PTC may you to exchange your active refferals.

To start promote your PTC, there are some condition for you:
1. Know well about PTC that you promote...
2. Will be better if there are payment proof, it make your work more easy.
3. Honest, don't lie. Don't say good if the PTC is indeed so SCAM.

The advantage to promote PTC:
1. All can you do while working :D
2. You can do without money.

The matters that not permitted:
1. Send SPAM email. You can send a hundreds of email with your PTC refferals link inside. But, don't do it, PTC can suspend you if there is some bad repot like SPAM about you.
2. Put on your link at forum that forbid to leave link there. It can make you suspend or black listed in that forum.

The last, the refferals that you get, not all acctive, may just 1 click or nothing click at all. Never give up, Your refferals also human..... :D
Keep finding refferals...

Okay, thats all from me, I hope can help you to find refferals.
Happy clicking!

Hunting Dollar

Hunting dollar to get traffic, or hunting to get dollar thats it SEO learning and keyword hunting that I think until now.
Some blogger have not patiently anymore to get dollar with fast way. Besides, there is no way to get some thing big without hard work and just find the instant way.

I just remind :
1. Update blog every day.
2. Keep learning with master.
3. Blogwalking, leave comment (don't forget at this blog, hehe...), and leave backlink with good comment.
4. Do practice always.

This post is too simple, but I hope it useful.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Bisnis Internet Gratisan tapi Pasti

Langsung saja,
Saya mau menjelaskan bahwa kita tidak perlu modal untuk memulai sebuah bisnis internet. Kita juga tidak harus punya banyak skill. Tak perlu ahli html, javasript, pascal, C++, maupun php. Hanya butuh niat, telaten, dan semangat.

For you that don't know PTC click here...
There are some PTC that I recommended for you :

Keterangan :

Isabelmarco.com (PTC FAVORIT)
PTC yang 1 ini sudah tua. PTC makin tua makin bagus menurutku, karena terbukti mampu bertahan lama dengan bukti2 pembayaran ke membernya. PTC yang sangat aman dan bermutu. Skarang jumlah adsnya ditambah kayaknya, jadi tambah banter dolarnya neh...
Pay per click : $0.01
Pay per referral click : $0.007
Payout : $9
Ads per day : 20

Taketheglobe.com (PTC FAVORIT)
PTC ini terkenal dengan banyaknya iklan perharinya. Meski bayarnya cuma $0.005 per klik, tapi Rata2 sampe 60-an iklan untuk free member. Salah satu PTC faforit saya. Ini PTC bagus banget lah pokoknya...
Pay per click : $0.005
Pay per referral click : $0.0025
Payout : $10
Ads per day : 80

Iklannya dikit cuma 7 sehari. Bayarnya standar $0.01. Tapi sudah terkenal karena dah banyak bukti bayarnya. Reputasi baik sekali. Good PTC dah...
Pay per click : $0.01
Pay per referral click : $0.005
Payout : $5
Ads per day : 6-7

Crewbuxonline.com (SCAM)
Banyak bukti bayarnya. 10 iklan banner per hari. Minimum payout kecil. reputasi baik dimana-mana. Dapat dipercaya.
Pay per click : $0.01
Pay per referral click : $0.005
Payout : $5
Ads per day : 7 - 10

Meski sistem keamanannya agak merepotkan pengeklik, tapi PTC ini aman dan payoutnya kecil, cuma 3 dolar. Kira-kira 1 bulan dah bisa cair. Habis ganti pemilik, lihat dulu kedepannya...
Pay per click : $0.01
Pay per referral click : $0.01
Payout : $3
Ads per day : 8-9

Seproduk dengan earn3.com. Sama bagusnya, tapi kadang2 iklannya lebih banyak. Tapi payoutnya lebih gede, jadi lebih lama juga cairnya. Habis ganti pemilik katanya, lihat dulu kedepannya...
Pay per click : $0.01
Pay per referral click : $0.01
Payout : $10
Ads per day : 10

Habis kena DDOS, berhasil bangkit lagi. Dulunya pernah jadi PTC bagus. Habis kena DDOS mungkin menurunkan reputasinya. Namun saya rasa tetap saja PTC bagus.
Pay per click : $0.01
Pay per referral click : $0.01
Payout : $10
Ads per day : 8-10

The Richcash Network. Tetap aman hingga kini. Standar bayarnya, bagus deh.
Pay per click : $0.01
Pay per referral click : $0.005
Payout : $6.99
Ads per day : 8-10

Neobux.com (PTC PALING AMAN)
Di forum katanya PTC terbaik. Emang kesannya exklusif, sistem security ketat dan aman. Bayarnya standar. Iklannya dikit, cuma 4-5 per hari untuk free member. Tapi untuk yang 1 ini saya berani jamin 99,99% pasti bayar anda. TOP markotop pokoknya, wajib coba!!
Pay per click : $0.01
Pay per referral click : $0.01
Payout : $2
Ads per day : 4-5

Habis kena DDOS, tapi berhasil bangkit kembali. Dulu adalah PTC berjaya. PTC bagus bgt ini. Iklannya cukup banyak dan bayarnya cukup gede. wajib coba...
Pay per click : $0.01
Pay per referral click : $0.01
Payout : $5 first, $10 second, $15 third, and so on.
Ads per day : 10

Katanya anak perusahaan besar. Sejauh ini masih aman. Jumlah iklan banyak, bayar gede. Sip lah...
Pay per click : $0.01
Pay per referral click : $0.01
Payout : $10
Ads per day : 15

Therichcash.com (SCAM)
The richcash network. bayar kecil, tapi aman. Keamanan juga bagus. Bisa dipercaya deh.
Pay per click : $0.005
Pay per referral click : $0.005
Payout : $1.5
Ads per day : 9

Layoutnya bagus. Standar bayarnya. Jumlah iklan banyak juga, kira2 10-an. Bukti pembayaran masih lancar. Harus coba yang ini.
Pay per click : $0.01
Pay per referral click : $0.005
Payout : $5
Ads per day : 10

Katanya salah satu PTC yang dicap paling aman banget. Reputasinya bagus. Jumlah iklan lumayan banyak.
Pay per click : $0.005
Pay per referral click : $0.0025
Payout : $7.99
Ads per day : 20

Layout bagus. Keamanan OK. Iklannya sehari cuma 5. Model2nya kaya neobux. Aman dah. Yang khas dari PTC ini, bayarnya instant. 1 menit setelah anda klik cashout, dolar sudah mampir di alertpay anda. Ebat kan ^^
New PTC, instant payout, good security.
Pay per click : $0.01
Pay per referral click : $0.01
Payout : $5
Ads per day : 5

Beberapa PTC bagus yang baru saya joini...
OldSchoolBux.com Review bagus dimana-mana...

How to earn $100 / day from PTC click here...

Mungkin anda liat pertama kali seperti rumit. Tapi ndak usah dipikir, yang penting join dulu, dan semua akan jalan pelan2.

Jika bingung mau apa setelah join, baca ini dulu. Klik disini.

Nah, sebelum anda memulai, biar saya jelaskan itung-itungan sederhananya.
PTC di atas kira2 ada 20. Anda join semua PTC di atas. Bisa langsung klik linknya.
Di atas ada daftar stats masing2 PTC. Dari situ bisa kita hitung pendapatan harian hingga bulanan tiap masing2 PTC.
Bila diitung2, dan dirata2, 1 PTC menghasilkan $0.1 per hari. Itu standar. Jika 20 maka $2 per hari. Kita andaikan PTC di atas hanya 50% yang benar2 membayar, sedangkan yang 50% lagi SCAM (hanya seandainya, bisa saja semua bukan SCAM). Jadi hanya menghasilkan $1 per hari.
Lalu, setelah anda mencairkan uang dari tiap2 PTC, jangan pakai uang itu untuk apa2 (foya2, maen dota, shoping, touring, dll). Pakailah untuk membeli refferal atau upgrade membership. Jadi penghasilan anda meningkat berkali-kali lipat.
Jika diitung2, jika 50% saja dari PTC di atas yang membayar, maka dalam 1 tahun dengan strategi di atas, anda bisa menghasilkan minimal 3 juta tiap minggu. Dengan syarat, semua uang yang anda dapat anda investkan lagi untuk beli refferal, dan anda melakukannya tanpa bantuan refferal dari luar (dapet refferal alami tanpa beli). Jika dapat refferal dari luar, atau ternyata semua PTC di atas membayar, maka tentu saja akan mempercepat prosesnya. Untuk lebih detailnya dapat anda lihat disini...

Saya tidak menjamin semua PTC di atas jujur dan bukan SCAM. Tapi sejauh ini PTC yang sudah saya cap aman memang aman2 saja. Saya sarankan setelah anda join ke semua PTC di atas, mainkan gratisan dulu, jangan terburu-buru invest uang. Karena kalaupun ternyata salah satu di antara PTC di atas SCAM anda tidak akan rugi apapun bila maen gratis. Hanya rugi waktu beberapa menit sehari untuk ngeklik ads.
PTC itu bisnis internet yang paling aman dan tidak berisiko seperti forex ato afilasi yang mengharuskan mengeluarkan uang sbelum memulai bisnis. Di sini hanya dibutuhkan kesabaran dan ketelatenan untuk sukses. Sedikit2 lama jadi gunung. hehe...
Bila anda ada PTC bagus, ato info terbaru tentang PTC, bisa kasih infonya di komen bawah.
Buat yg mau join langsung saja klik link-link PTC di atas atau di daftar PTC di atas. PTC di atas selalu saya update sesuai dengan perkembangan berita PTC terkini.

Sbelum bermain PTC, baca dulu TOS dan aturan2nya ya, biar ga kena suspend.

Mudah-mudahan postingan ini dapat membatu ^^

Yang mau komen silakan, asal jangan cuma ngiklan...

Saturday, October 4, 2008

apa itu PTC

Apa itu PTC?
PTC adalah singkatan dari Pay to Click.

Dari singkatannya kita dapat tahu, bahwa kita akan dibayar jika kita ngeklik.

Apa yang diklik?
Iklan yang disediakan PTC tersebut.

Dari mana iklannya?
Dari pemasang iklan yang ingin menambah visitor ke websitenya dengan memasang link di PTC tersebut.

Pemasang iklan akan membayar sejumlah uang sesuai dengan peraturan dari PTC tersebut jika akan memasang iklan. Nah, dari uang itulah, kita diberi komisi beberapa persen, dan sebagian untuk keuntung pemilik PTC.
Harga klik bervariasi, mulai dari $0.005 sampai $0.025.
Jumlah iklan juga bervariasi mulai dari 4 hingga ada yang 100.
Iklan akan direfresh tiap harinya pada jam tertentu atau tiap 24 jam sekali setelah kita mengeklik iklan. Direfresh maksudnya agar iklan tersebut bisa kita klik lagi. Karena kita hanya dapat mengeklik masing-masing iklan sekali dalam sehari.

Setelah kita mengeklik iklan, secara otomatis rekening sementara kita di dalam PTC itu akan terisi. Nah, setelah mencapi batas tertentu yang ditentukan PTC tersebut, uang bisa kita cairkan lewat banyak hal. Ada yang support alertpay, paypal, bahkan rekening bank di Indonesia.
Kebetulan semua PTC yang saya gunakan memakai alertpay sebagai alat pembayaran.

Apa kita harus mengeklik iklan tiap hari? Tentu tidak. Itu terserah kita. Tapi kalau mau cepet menghasilkan ya klik semua iklan tiap hari. Tapi mengeklik sendiri bukanlah sumber penghasilan utama dari sini.

Di PTC juga dikenal sistem refferal yang saya yakin sudah umum dan banyak yang tau. Ya, jika seseorang bergabung di bawah kita, dan orang tersebut mengeklik iklan, maka kita akan mendapat komisi atas klik tersebut. Besarnya beda-beda, kebanyakan 50% dari yang didapat refferal kita. Tapi banyak juga lho yang 100%. Dari situlah kita akan mendapat penghasilan utama kita dari dunia PTC.
Refferal dapat kita cari, dapat juga kita beli, maupun disewa. Biasanya PTC menyediakan persewaan refferal atau bahkan menjual refferal. Jadi orang-orang yang join tanpa refferer akan dijual atau disewakan oleh PTC tersebut. Jika kita beli, orang tersebut akan menjadi refferal kita selamanya. Biasanya harganya sekitar $1 - $1.5 per refferal.

OK segitu saja penjelasannya. Jika ada yang belum jelas bisa ditanyakan lewat komentar, thanks. Untuk tau PTC mana yang sebaiknya anda ikuti, klik tab PTC pilihan di atas.

Friday, October 3, 2008

10bux.net return

Yeah... after some period, 10bux.net return. Paidclicknetwork may be will return all. B-U-X.net and 10bux.net have been return. 10bux.net was a good PTC before dead with DDOS attack before now. But, I don't know what about now. But, I think they will become good PTC again. The ads appear not as many as B-U-X.net have. But this still earn much money.
There are some original explaination from 10bux.net.

How 10Bux.net works

10Bux.net is NOT a Autosurf, Multi-Level Marketing, Pyramid, Ponzi, Matrix or "Get Rich Quick" scheme.

10Bux.net is a new innovative, international and FREE English based service that allows advertisers to reach thousands of potential customers by displaying their ad on our, "Surf Ads" page. A exact calculated percentage of all advertising revenue is paid to our members. 10Bux.net makes money via advertising, other advertising sources throughout the website as well as earning through direct sponsorship of other 10Bux.net members, just like a regular member does.

How you make money
You view websites in 30 second sessions via the "Surf Ads" page. Once the 30 seconds is up, you'll either get a green tick sign or a red 'X'. The green tick sign means you've earned $0.01 and as premium member $0.015 for the visit and the 'X' means you have not earned money for the visit. You'll get red X's when you have more than one website from the "Surf Ads" page open. When this happens, you get no credit.

A valuable benefit to both the members and the advertisers is the repeat exposure that the advertiser gets. Whenever you click and view a website, you can visit that website again in 24 hours as long as the visit cap hasn't been reached. That's right! After 24 hours you can click and view the website again. This gives the advertiser optimal exposure by using "repeat advertising" and it further increases the members earning potential.

Earnings example (based on current averages)
» You click 10 ads per day = $0.10
» 40 referrals click 10 ads per day = $2.00
» Your daily earnings = $2.10
» Your weekly earnings = $14.70
» Your monthly earnings = $63.00

While we have no way of knowing how many ads will be available on a per week basis, we do know that 10Bux.net is growing rapidly and advertisers are discovering the true potential of our service. We've just started and our advertiser base is small so BE PATIENT! Over the next coming months you will see an increase in the ads which will only increase your earnings! This is not a get-rich-scheme or scam, but it can put some extra gas money in your pocket!

And here are from TOS:

All payments are made via AlertPay. You can request for payment once your account balance is $10.00 or more. Payments will be processed and issued as per order of request, with Premium members having priority. You can only request one payment at the time.

You must have a valid unique e-mail address and valid unique AlertPay address/account to register with our program.

Our current pay rate is $0.01 for each website you visit and $0.01 for each website your direct referrals visit. For premium members $0.015 for each website you visit and $0.012 for each website your direct referrals visit.

You can visit website or join here...