Sunday, October 12, 2008

Tips to Find Refferals

For you that don't know what is PTC click this...
For PTC, referral is one of the biggest thing to get many dollar from PTC...
More refferals, the chance to rich from PTC more great...

But, finding refferals is not easy...

Btw, any don't know what is refferal is?
Referral is the the synonim of downline, so if any people who join PTC trough you, so he/she will became your refferal..

Downline at PTC doesn't same with MLM that trough the deepness (downline's downline)... :D
at PTC, downline just count 1 depth, so after our direct refferals, usually we don't get anything from him/her...

Like MLM, You will get profit from your downline.. If at MLM you get money if you get downline, at PTC you get money if your downline clicking ads. Some PTC also give money at first we join (for example ara-bux), or when we get refferals.
Each PTC have diferent rules at paying and give commision. Please see at your

Back to finding refferals, there are some tips to finding refferals...

1. Make Blog... (Like this blog )
I spend many time to make this blog, to count simulation, even I make it while clicking PTC ads. Believe it or not, when I make this post, at same time, I clicking 5 PTC... :D
From survey, If you make blog, you will get 50% or more refferals from this.
Make blog is simple, try to join to like that I use, then try to writing at that blog...
To find tutorial to make blog, you can find it at google... the keyword is "tutorial to make blog".
All the time that you use to make blog will be pay...

2. Promote at forum
Promote your blog, like at forum.
remember, promotion, not forcefulness .... :D

3. Active
Active is not SPAM. But, give the true information that all you know. Give the true about the PTC that you join.

4. Referral bonus
You also can give bonus to your refferals. For example give 5 cents if some people join and click 20 ads.

5. Promote to your friends and your relative
For this promote, make sure the IP adress that they use to join different, because this will forbidden at all PTC. For some people, this promotion is the best... please try...

6. Put on your link at free ads.
You can put on your link at free ads to make out link, so any people that visits those site have chance to visit your blog.

7. Posting your payment proof at forum
Of course your banner signature

8. Buy refferals from PTC.
This is the last chance if you have get many money, You can buy some refferals from PTC that you join to it. the refferals taken from some people that join without upline. Some PTC may you to exchange your active refferals.

To start promote your PTC, there are some condition for you:
1. Know well about PTC that you promote...
2. Will be better if there are payment proof, it make your work more easy.
3. Honest, don't lie. Don't say good if the PTC is indeed so SCAM.

The advantage to promote PTC:
1. All can you do while working :D
2. You can do without money.

The matters that not permitted:
1. Send SPAM email. You can send a hundreds of email with your PTC refferals link inside. But, don't do it, PTC can suspend you if there is some bad repot like SPAM about you.
2. Put on your link at forum that forbid to leave link there. It can make you suspend or black listed in that forum.

The last, the refferals that you get, not all acctive, may just 1 click or nothing click at all. Never give up, Your refferals also human..... :D
Keep finding refferals...

Okay, thats all from me, I hope can help you to find refferals.
Happy clicking!

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