Thursday, September 11, 2008

What is PTC? (questions and answers)

What is PTC?
PTC is Paid to click. From this we can know that we will paid to click something

We clicking what?
of course ads

We can earn money from this?
Yeah... you will paid for this

We need money to start PTC?
No. We don't need money yo join PTC, and we can start earn money after we join.

We need skill?
No. We don't need any skill, because we just clicking and we can earn dollar from this.

So, what we need?
Hmm... We just need computer, internet, and a little time to click

How this business can work? How the owner of PTC sites can take benefits?
1. Some website want to promote their website so make many visitor.
2. They can put on their link at PTC and they pay for this.
3. We as a member of PTC click the ads.
4. PTC owner get money and share with us for a percentage.
5. After we reach some target, we can cash out the money by anything that PTC site agree.

What is the paying method?
Most PTC using alertpay. Some PTC also using e-gold, paypal, or chek.

How PTC paid us?
It is different for each PTC, but most PTC paid us US$0.01 per click.

What? $0.01? it's to few earning.. How we can make much money from PTC?
you don't paid just for clicking by yourselves, but you can refers other people to join PTC under you. If your referrals clicking ads, you also get money for this. For example, you have 100 referrals, and each referral click 10 ads per day. So you earn 100 x 10 x 0.01$ + $0.01 x 10 = $10.1 per day. Not enough? Lets use other way...

What is the other way?
We can upgrade your account become premium member (some PTC call gold member). But it's not compulsory. If you have earn much money, you can invest by upgrade your account, so you will earning faster. It can be 200% from standard member.

How many we get money from our referrals?
It's also different each PTC, but most PTC have 100% referrals earning. It's mean if your referral get 1$ to click, you also get 1$ to doing nothing. This is delicious isn't it?

How much we can make money from PTC?
You can make money up to you. This is not limited. You can make as many as you can.

Who paid us?
Of course sponsor that put on their ads at PTC and they pay us through PTC sites.

How long time we need to view each ads?
Usually we just need 30 second. Usually In top of website will appear the timer. If the timer show 0 and done, you can close ads site then click the other ads.

So, we must look every ads for 30 second to earn money? How if we click 100 ads?
No. You just click the ads, after the ads site open, we can change the tab and doing other jobs. So you can click 100 ads without waste your time.

Hmmm... so, if we want to earn much money, we must find people that agree to join with us? This is so tiredly.
No, you must not find people for get referral. You can buy referral here.

How referral that we bought can work? From where they come?
All referral that sale by PTC is peoples that join without referer (upline). They join to PTC without through other members.

How if referrals that sale have sale all (empty)?
This may happen, but rather happen. Usually just great PTC which have many member can sell referrals. So don't worry.

Hmmm... how if the owner of sites closed their project?
This mean that sites is SCAM. Many SCAM in internet business, but also many sites that paid well. We must have knowledge to choose which the good PTC, and which bad PTC. We can learn this.

Ok,I will surd ads now!!
By the way, if You satisfied with my article, you can join as my referral :D
Most of PTC that I join have name referral "black_ruby". If you want to join easily, click the link at my blog, or click here.

Ok, but, how to register?
It is simple. First, click PTC name in this blog, then entry registry.
You fill all form that requested. Then click submit / register
If done, just log in and you can start making money.

It's done... But, where is the ads?
Usually at the top menu "Surf Ads" or "View Ads" or "earning area", etc.

Well... Thank you for all
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