Tuesday, September 9, 2008


This PTC special because has low minimum payout with alertpay. $0.5 per click, $1.5 minimum payout.
Have you ever heard about the PTC model being problematic and it not working? With TRC this statement is redundant. TRC is a new system, which is coming with an innovated model of PTC. This is acceptable for all three parties concerned: Administration, Members and Advertisers. We are offering to all these groups’, new features which are not available in other systems. We bring to you our users, a subtle money making system on the internet. The costs of this system are persistent due to the high interest of advertisers for our services. This is caused by the high quality provided by our administration staff, where advertisers can trace and keep abreast of their running campaigns. Satisfaction on both sites ensures lasting profitability on the system for the entire lifetime of the campaign.
We offering to you $0.005 for each claim advertisement viewed. Your earnings as members, which you will receive from the system will be 50%. It means that you will get 50% of their earnings. These prices are a slightly less than those of our competitors, but they present an efficient rate between how much advertisers are willing to pay for advertisements and how much is acceptable for the members. Payments start on $1.5 via AlertPay.com.
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