Saturday, August 16, 2008

Here is a crash course on how to make money here at Adverbux:
Look at the buttons up top under the banner. You will see "Paid Arcade", "Auto Action Ads", "Manual Action Ads" and "Offers". These are your friends, and are how you earn money!

Paid Arcade
You can play games here and earn money. Just play a flash game, be sure you beat the minimum score required, and submit your score. The money will instantly be credited to your account! This is a daily earner - you have a maximum amount of money per day you can earn from the arcade, so be sure to come back daily and get it!

Auto Action Ads
Click the link provided, and complete the action specified right under the link by the advertiser. Typically, it is just a "register on this site and click the confirmation link to your email" or "complete this survey" sort of ad. Once you complete it, click the FINISH link on Adverbux next to the ad. You will see a phrase that showed up on the advertiser's site when you complete the ad. Just fill in the missing words, and you will be credited 10 cents instantly!

Manual Action Ads
These are similar to the automatic action ads, but require even less work on your part! Click Begin Ad, and do whatever the advertiser requires. Once done, return to the Manual Action Ads page. In the "Ads You Are Working On" Tab, mark finished next to the ad. The advertiser will then check and make sure you completed it, then you will be credited. These are the big money earners on the site, you can easily do $10-20 worth of these a day!

These are mostly surveys that you can do to earn some extra money. It typically takes up to a week to get credit. Just click the link provided, and follow the directions. Once done, you can return to Adverbux and mark it finished. If you provided valid information, you will typically receive credit within a week.

Be sure to check out the forums if you have any questions!

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