Saturday, August 16, 2008

How does the site work?

Turbobux provides a way for advertisers from around the world to get traffic to their website, and increase their web ranking, and even increase sales. While at the same time, TurboBux gives it's users tons of chances to earn cash online in a safe environment.

How exactly do users make money?

All users have to do, is click an ad. Simple enough right?
No skill, energy, or work needed, just simply click an ad, and get paid!
For each ad visited, you will receive a cash reward to your balance for what the ad is worth.
Not enough? Well, if you can refer someone, you get whatever they get for every ad they click too!
Once you at least a $20.00 balance on your TurboBux account, you can request to receive that money via AlertPay.
After your request has been accepted(within 10-20 days), you will receive a transfer directly to your account.

Number of Ads to Click

The amount of ads that you have is dependant on when advertisers decide to purchase ads. You could have not very many ads one day, and tons of ads the next day.

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