Friday, August 29, 2008

Increase traffic without google

Search Engine is one of many way to promote your sites. Indeed, this is best way to make many visitors to your sites. Many people in the world using google to find anything that they want. They just typing keyword, than google will find it to them. But, how to make your site can appear at pages 1 or 2? It will be difficult to make your sites can be index by google (for example) in pages 1 - 3. Because just at pages 1 - 3 search engine will bring many visitors to your sites. Just a few people find something until page 4 and more. At page 1 is the best. But it will make you hard working to make this condition.
How to make your website can appear at page 1- 3? If you choose keyword which many people search that, it will be difficult. Because there are many people that do same project like you. They also want to be index by google at first page. So, you must have a very very good website and rich of content if you really want to appear at first page. If you donn't have skill to do that, do the other way. There is a way to bring many visitor without search engine. What is that?
Yeah... Free ads, or in indonesian can said iklan baris. This way just need you to a little hard working. If you can hard-working to promote your site by free ads, it will make unique visitors. May be, one submit one visitor. This may take a long time to do your project. That is rather hard work, but it will your alexa rank increase. Slow but sure.
If you donn't want to tired to submit your link sites many times, you can use software. There is many software to promote your site to. For example software to submit in many free ads in indonesian. If you use this software, you just need 1 - 2 hour per day to make $3. I have try it. Moreover if you can choose good keyword or we call that high paying keyword. There is one click paid more than $3. You must find it and try this.

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