Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sitehoppin, promote your site randomly

One more website that can increase traffic for your blog / website so that can publish your site quickly, its name is sitehoppin. It is be similar to entrecard, but there are some difference. If you often browsing or dropping EntreCredit, I'm sure you must be often see the widget Sitehoppin at many blogs that put on entrecard at their website.
SiteHoppin has a randomness system, that mean after you login, you just hop, hop, and hop, and you will be brought to some website that suitable with the categories or tag that choosen randomly (if you want to 100% random, you might not choose the categories / tag). That is just like StumbleUpon. In accordance with his name, site mean website, and hoppin from hop mean jump. So, we hope our website will be hopped by other people, that mean free traffic to our website.
How make our website hopped by other people? The method is with using the beer Credit (yeah... proggramer and the founder of sitehoppin was the drankard. They said, will work better after drink the beer). To bring in one visitor to our site, we need 10 beerCredits.

The way to make beer credit is simple :
  • Every time you do hopping, you get one beer credit
  • Every time you give rating to website that you hopped, you get 5 beer credits
  • Every time you give tag or comment to website that you hopped, you get 20 beer credits
  • Every time you submit website (up to you, your site or other that you think interest), you get 30 beer credits
  • If you put on the sitehoppin wedget in your site, and every time your visitors klick that widget, you get 50 beer credits. So, just give one visitor to sitehoppin, you receive the repayment with 5 visitors to your site.

Sitehoppin built based on wiki media (that also used by wikipedia) that has been modified. Frankly, I rather confused at the first time I visit sitehoppin, because the menus not friendly like entrecard.
So that, I suggest to browse first at sitehoppin and read all clearly so that not confused. Actually, there are still some good fitur, but I will not explain here. Nah, to acces the menus that I need a long time to find that in sitehoppin website :( , click "MENU" at the sidebar at the left.
Please visit and sign up FREE to sitehoppin by clicking the wicget at bottom of this site. (So I get 50 beer credits :)) or click this.

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