Tuesday, August 26, 2008

New way to promotion your website

Entrecard is one way to promote your website to most people in the world. Many people have using entrecard. I have been using entrecard a lot lately. There is one tips that I will share to all people who read this post.
First, join entrecard. Then, you make banner and you can upload that into entrecard. How if you cannot make a banner? well, you can make text and choose the color up to you. The example of banner entrecard that make just from text you can see at the bottom of this blog. Okay, after you publish your banner, it will be looked by other people that find inspiration, information, or just surfing inside entrecard. Entrecard has many visitor, so it will benefit us. To get more information about entrecard, you can visit http://entrecard.com.
Well... There is some tips to all of you.
Many people use entrecard. They may find inspiration, information, or just surfing. Most of them try to save up their points and buy advertising on a big or well known website. The problem is you only get your ad on one site for one day. So, you may take a very long time to gain enough points to do that. Really I don't think the drop to point rate is worth it for sites that charge 512ec points to advertise. Instead I have just started to search for sites that are brand new. Sites that cost 2-8ec. That way you get your advertisement up on a site for next to nothing. Now the site no longer have a ton of traffic, but the advertising is so cheap and it is worth it. You also never know what the new site may have a large fan base, they just may be new to entrecard. If you calculate it, instead of using 512 points for one day of advertising on one site. Instead you can use that many points to advertise on hundreds or thousands of sites now. So try it out. It has mean this is helped me to gain many more visitors, and also viewers. That's all.


  1. waduh, ini pakde sumintar ya? Wah jangan nyindir pakde, jadi malu neh... :"> Mohon bimbingannya pakde!!


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