Sunday, September 28, 2008

Become a Professional Internet Marketer

Become a Professional Internet Marketer or a only adept at SEO, or consultant SEO, or just sell something in internet. This term is really stunned me, but I will explain some experience from many source and the one is from my friend that all this time have been only sell something through internet or online trading, not professional internet marketing.
This definition usually diferent for each people, but on my opinion there are some basic matter between professional internet marketing and a common seller in internet.

The criteria of professional internet marketer :

1. Just sell good item and accountable for the item.
2. Not only a common sell, there is a process to support.
3. Give the true information about the prominence and the debility.
4. Oriented at customer satisfaction, not only find the profit as big as can.
5. Build good relation with customers so they feel served good.
6. Often happen repeat order, because the customer feel satisfied.
7. Make the customer as king.
8. Internet marketer as a servant.
9. Don't give too hyperbol information, so the customers don't feel tricked.
10. You can add so that become more complete and accord with my objectives.

I'm sorry to explain this article, because I'm not a professional internet marketer, I'm just want to try posting that I know from some of my friend, but I ever hear we may confidently, as long as not arrogant.

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