Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Confusing find jobs, here many jobs.

Confusing to find jobs? Here many jobs. We don't need skills, experience, or money to start. You just can read, and can English language is better. Ages is not limited. Young, old can join. Men, woman, married or not is no problem. All can start. Time to work is free. You want morning, evening, mid night, all can. The wages is up to you, you decide $1, $10, $100, $1000 every month, week, or day.
There are many words which will be appear in internet, finding online jobs. Too many variation, and sometimes confused you, moreover if you newbie. Long time ago, I confuse in internet too, and now I still confuse for internet business. What the easy internet business! Is that advertisement not lie, lie, or just want their advertisement bring in many visitors? Or, indeed can earn money, please try to ask they who can make more than $100 every day from online business.

I Start Without Money

Hmm... may be you don't believe me I start my business without any money first. I really start without money. I start with free business like PTC, adsense, and join to affiliate which the website is my belong my friend. I just start with computers which connected with internet speedy which I put on just now (3 - 4 month ago).
Before that, I really don't know about internet. I don't have any email, what is yahoo or google, I don't have all. I just know, I can open internet from internet explorer or mozila. And opera I know not long time after that. I really newbie in internet at that time. But, now I can understand a little about internet. I still learn all about internet specially in business. We can learn together. I have earn dollars, but I have not cash out it. So, I really don't spend any money first but internet bills.

What I get from internet business

From burning desire and hard work, I will get :
1. Money every day, if I want I take it (when? I don't know)
2. The knowledge that now easy
3. Experience, hmm.. experience is the best teacher
4. The brave to go ahead, if must sacrifice.
Try to start business from zero

Life must enjoy, when you lost, you get the lesson, when you take profit, share with others. Although must start from zero or moreover from minus, its ok. Because, if we give up, we close ourselves opportunity.

At least, we found the information, blogwalking, so we found the way out :
1. We need right teacher.
2. Need enough time.
3. Need serius and spirit.
4. Need right information.
5. Need many experience.
6. Need money appropriate with the project.
7. Need more energy.
8. Need learn and then trying.
9. Need patience, perseverance, and the commitment.
10. Need good plan and focus to that plan.
11. Need try out and online business school which give guaranted.

Here my post... I'm sorry if you sad with or don't agree with my post.

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