Wednesday, September 17, 2008

New secret at buxdotcom etc... I don't know this PTC can thrust or not. But some of my friend have get cash out from this PTC.
After hacked by some one, buxdotcom return again. I like this PTC because simple at clicking, doesn't need image on, and can be refreshed many times.
I have some secret here... can be refreshed many times. I have try it. First, you can clicking the ads like usually you did. If all ads have finished clicked. Right click and reload. You can see, the new ads will appear. Just few ads, just 3 or 4. You click again. You refresh again. There will decrease ads each refresh. Until 3 or 4 times, there is no more ads. So you can click ads again next day.
This method also work in PTC that long time (3-4 days) you left. can be refreshed 2 times a day. Each 12 hours refresh.
I just sharing this. May be this too few too post, but its ok. I have no much time. I just typing what I know. And my english is bad. You can see at my posting. hahaha.... Thank you for your attention...

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  1. Sip mas ternyata banyak ladang bisnis di internet


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