Tuesday, September 30, 2008

How to Know PTC that Probably SCAM

How to Know PTC that Probably SCAM?
Many ways...

1. Use free domain like co.cc, .tk, co.nr, ...
If the owner of PTC have big financial capital, he will not hire free domain. He must be hire paying domain that better. Its mean, don't join to poor PTC. If the owner is poor, what about the member?

2. Have standard design
There are some PTC script which have standard design, like bux.to. If the PTC owner is serious, he must be build good design for his website. But, sometimes there are PTC which standard design but pay.

3. No forum, no support.
It autenticate that the owner don't care with his members.

4. Has found bugs, but not repair soon.
If he have some bugs at his PTC and don't repair soon, it mean he cann't repair the bugs, or he don't care with his PTC because just want to get money and don't want to pay.

5. There are no payment in TOS/FAQ/Privacy Policy
Before desice to join PTC, first see about TOS. If there are no payment explaination, leave it.

6. The bill for advertiser is too cheap, but the pay per click is too high.
How this PTC can thrusted if his income lower than payout? He must be going broke.

PTC business is not safe business. Many SCAM and trouble here. This is the risk that we must accepted. But, this is no problem... We don't need money when we start PTC. So, don't affraid to SCAM if you don't invest money there. You will now lose money for this.

I hope this post can help u...

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