Monday, September 29, 2008

Why Some People doesn't like Adsense?

Google AdSense not Favourite Enough

At this time, many dollar hunter who doesn't like Google AdSense again. They usually would rather paid review, because faster and more easy at gaining dollar, or some PTC that can earn money certainly even so few dollar per click.

Why AdSense not Interesting?

There are some factor that not Interesting:
1. The process take a long time to get the first money (some one said need 1 year).
2. Need high traffic to get the proper earning.
3. The hard TOS.
4. Not support for Indonesian language.
5. The money send through check so take long time.

AdSense for me

This is really not easy, but some factor make me like AdSense:
1. It have good prospect. Some people can earn more than $100 every day.
2. Have high paying keyword, I ever get $0.88 for 1 click (it is high for me ^^)
3. It good way to learn internet business, because just need some action to make AdSense appear at our blog or website.
4. One of way to learn english.

To make Your Earning $100 ++ every day

I have some tips to get the target above (although I never reach that):
1. Afford to use english.
2. Have at least 4 blog to get $10/day. So, we must have 40 blog to get $100/day? No if you have high traffic for each.
3. Each blog with 1000 impression can earn $2 - $10
So, if you can choose HPK, you just need 10 blog to get $100/day.
5. The keys is traffic. You can get by ping (link to popular website), advertising, or SEO.
6. Keep update every day, keep posting, and learn from SEO master and AdSense master.
7. Never give up until reach the target.
8. You can add in comment...

I hope this tips is useful for you.

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