Sunday, September 28, 2008 return

After long time not active, now rise again. You can acces your account there. I hear some news that Paidclicks Network will rising. After being attacked by DDOS attack, they can rise again. But, now just that can be acces. The other like may will be the next. is good PTC. This the stats that I know, 25 ads per day, 1 cents per click and refferal click, 1.5 cents per premium click and 1.2 cents per premium refferals click, $5 minimum payout by alertpay. It's nice isn't it? It mean we can earn $0.25 per day if we single play (read: without refferals).
Beside that, there are many payment proof before this PTC take a rest for a momment. You can change the top ten PTC which will used to do our business plan.
For you that want to join can click here (so I get one refferal :D)

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