Sunday, September 28, 2008

Increase traffic visitor, income increase too

There are many ways that have explain about increase traffic visitors, but seasonal traffic is high traffic but we only can get at special event, some incident, some day or month, or the phenomenon which interesting. With high traffic, we can ensure our income increase, and Alexa rank increase too.

There are some ways to increase traffic :

My knowledge still very a little against which SEO master, or expert at SEO. But, its OK if I explain some ways that I know.

1. High traffic at national independence day, many interesting event like nationality song, the history about patriotism.

2. Traffic can increase at some incident.

3. High traffic about hot news.

4. Very high traffic at special event, for example at Christmas day and new years of course will bring in many seasonal visitors.

5. Traffic from sport event, world cup, champion cup, Thomas cup, Olympiad etc.

6. Traffic at president and vice president election, campaign, official scandal, corruption case, etc.

The source to find idea

I think many ways so that the idea emerge, just find the information which believable:

1. Televition
2. Newspaper, tabloid, magazine
3. Famous sites
4. From SEO masters
5. From any source which discussed hot news.

There are some knowledge that I know. If you know something that I not yet write above, you can giveing notice, because what I write may be wrong or antiquated.
I hope that your visitors can increase and of course your income increase.

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    The Alexa toolbar can be downloaded free of cost and the rankings of various websites can be viewed whereby one can identify the credibility of a site. Alexa determines the rankings of a particular website only after classifying, sieving, anonymizing, tallying, and computing the traffic rankings of the sites depending on their usage by the millions of Alexa users and other traffic sources. However, only those websites will be listed that are visited by the Alexa users in the past 3 months. The Alexa users have visited about 11.2 million websites and the website that has the highest reach, that is, the number of unique visitors to the site on a single day and has the maximum page views, that is, request for a particular URL, is ranked as the numero uno site. However, if a same visitor visits the same site on the same day multiple times it will be considered to be a single visit.


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