Sunday, September 14, 2008

How to safed time when clicking PTC sites

I have some secret about clicking PTC sites. Sometimes, we want to make clicking activity fast, but we must wait until 30 second or 20 second before we get the money. We also must waiting for loading of website to appear the timer at the top corner.
Some PTC can did this secret method at clicking, but other PTC can't. We can press Esc keys in keyboard to stop the website loading and start the timer. So, we must not wait until the website finish all loading, so we can make the process faster.
But, when we press esc? We can press after the logo of PTC apear and the website roll in the right appear. If it not yet happen, the timer will not appear too.
Some PTC that can did this are taketheglobal,, buxdotcom,, ara-bux, foxcash, clicmx, thinkbux, ect.
For more faster work, we can disable image, so we can load the logo and website roll faster.
But some PTC make us must waiting after the website loading like neobux and buxout.
Some PTC also make us waiting until the loading finish because there is a code that we must press suitable with the code that appear. So, if we don't waiting and activate the image, we can't see the image and we don't get the money, and our work is nothing.
You also must open some PTC at same time. For example, you open 4 PTC at same time, so you can jump from one PTC to the other and you don't waiting for nothing. You can make your work faster and more effective.

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