Monday, September 15, 2008

Best PTC for me

We have explain, what is PTC and how to earn money from PTC. Now, what PTC must we choose to earn money?
For you who don't know what is PTC click here...

I have information that Neobux is the best PTC in the PTC world. The layout indeed very good. But the promise is not suitable with the fact. Neobux said $0.02 per click. But I try to click, just earn $0.01. Beside that, Neobux also make us to waiting the web to finish loading, because if we press esc key in keyboard, the timer is not work. But, the good news is we must not activate the image, bacause we will not click the suitable number like captcha like at others PTC, example earn3, extra10, and buxout that make us to activate the image. And the ads just appear 4 per day. So, we just earn $0.04 per day. This is too small earning isn't it? But, I donn't know if there are some good service that I don't know. And, I can promise to you if this PTC is 100% pay and not SCAM.
So, what's good PTC? I think, is good PTC. Although the "pay per click" just earn $0.005, but the ads provide 40 or more per day. So, if we count, we can earn $0.2 every day. Hmm... It's big earning for free business.
I also see foxcash is good PTC. They can pay $0.015 per click. The ads provide 14 - 15 per day. We can earn more than $0.2 per day. Foxcash also give $0.01 for referral click. IT is big earning fr referral click. But, sometimes there are some problem with the website. Last week, I hear that is SCAM. There is some trouble. But, I still doing clicking at foxcash. It is the greater PTC can earn that I ever seen. For you that have became member at foxcash, just go ahead. This is good PTC. because the problem is to join become new member (if I donn't hear the false issue).
The thrusted PTC is Isabelmarco. This PTC still glory beside its old ages. But, the old ages make its has good reputation because although has old ages, its still alive and more great.
Isabelmarco has many members, and has many payment proof. Its also has good quallity for "not referred member" that will sale. My friend buy referral from Isabelmarco and said the referrals are active more than 80%. So, join in this PTC because this PTC can be thrusted.
The other PTC that have good reputation and many payment proof are thinkbux, crewbux, earn3, extra10, and clixmx.
PTC like,, and are good PTC before. But, they died now. I don't know if tomorrow they can rise again. Before die, they good PTC that have many payment proof too. is one network with foxcash, so foxcash have bad effect to its reputation for this problem. and is one network that paid clicks network. I hear, they die because DDOS attack. But, I don't know if tomorrow they can rise.
Still clicking and and join all PTC. Because you will not lost anything for join PTC. Click here to join to many PTC today...

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