Thursday, October 16, 2008

Forex or IB

There is some optimistic and opportunity in Forex business, but in other side the economy and financial global crisis impact to dotcom business ( How? Forex can grow the instant earning just a few minute beside its high risk. High risk, but high profit. That is forex. It need brilliant and good skills to become Master forex trader. If you have smart thinking, you should try forex.

Forex also impact to dotcom business. Many dotcom business have no longer interesting because forex. Why not, forex can convert your money into a double value. With dotcom business, you must build a foundation, step by step, patiently, and keep update your web to reach a good financial. I personally think, both of them are good. But now, most people wanna rich without do some thing that need hard work or take a long time. Many people like something that instant. Instant money, instant payment, instant payout. This reoson may be make forex trading very interesting now. In AdSense, we also must keep posting and have patiently (may be for 1 year) to get a good earning.

But, forex also have many weakness. Beside its high risk, forex need good skill and feeling to trade. I ever hear most trader must lost 90% his/her invest at 3 first month. So, I suggest you to do a forex trading in demo account. Don't try to use a real money for trade without any skills and any experience. You will win, and win for some period, but you migth lost more than you win. You may use the forex signal, but it doesn't promising. Signal just help you to trade, but cannot predicting the result.

I more suggest you to become Introducer Broker or Agent than forex trader for you that dislike lost money at first business. Whay? Because become IB you will get US$ without risk. For become IB, there are some criteria which you must have :

  • Mastered in English. This matter needed because you will come into contact with broker if in a group you have a problem. The international Hal ini dibutuhkan karena Anda akan berhubungan langsung dengan broker jika dalam group Anda mengalami masalah. Biaya sambungan internasional access bill is yours, but broker which support at free pulse.
  • Understand at using software Meta Trader or a Memahami penggunaan software Meta Trader or similarlt software. More often you doing demo trading is more good.
  • Mastered at technical analysis and fundamental. Its mean you must can read the indicator and understand the news effect to the chance of currency value. More many indicator and fundamental analysis that you understand, is make better.
  • Mastered at understanding risk management, make sure, don't doubting.
  • Honest. We don't need a lier to do forex business. Honest here mean accord wih out skill s above, we must give description to someone who will join in out group, especially about risk management.
If you have skills above, you just find broker who supply a forex trading facility. Watch and learn the trading system from spread, swap, leverage, etc. If you have mastered one system of broker, you will not hard to understand the other broker system, because they are rather same. The next step, learn the requirement which needed to become IB. This part rather hard, because many requirement which asked by broker. Become Agent will easier because us will not be in directly contact with company, but just contact with IB.

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