Monday, October 20, 2008

Simple SEO from Sumintar

Learn SEO is not easy as we think, but it is not as hard as we think so. I ever blogwalking and find all about SEO. I find many SEO ways. From simple to hard. But, all is good ways that can be tried at all.
I will explain about some simple SEO that ever I read. The first SEO I read at (In Indonesian), that is SEO tangan gatal. SEO tangan gatal have very simple method to reach the hundred of visitors.
You just writing, writing, and writing every day. Posting, posting, and posting every day. Sumintar say SEO tangan gatal is not realy SEO, not also a knowledge, but just daily activity for people to :
always read everything,
see everything (porn include, xixixi...),
write everything,
that always did periodicaly, every day, every hour, or every any chance to do it.
You unnecessary to know, your posting have been index by search engine or not, or any one read your posting, or any comment later.
You just write with your heart, don't think you will paid. Do it continue at least one year. Make your hands itch if you don't write anything a day.

Why write any? If not any that will:
fresh out of idea,
too much think, so never begin writing,
too much planing, so never start,
afraid wrong,
afraid said fool,
afraid said not profesional,
afraid and afraid, then doing nothing.

Believe or not, what you write, searh engine will record it, and will compared with other post. So, if your posting realy your posting (not copy paste) and no one write same like you, your post will at rank 1.

The conclusion is more writing, every day we posting, we have doing "SEO tangan gatal".

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  1. Wow SEO tangan gatal,
    nice article, simple and applicative....


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